Paradox is universal dry and water-soluble organic fertilizer

Chicken manure extract

Universal dry and water-soluble organic fertilizer


Causes repetition of natural processes

and there is no necessity to imitate them by application of chelates and other basis

Optimally balanced composition of macro and micro elements and availability of humic and acids, protein and protein nitrogen provide adequate nutrition and development of plants.


Revitalizes the soil, prevents water and wind erosion, increases frost-hardiness, promotes water collection and plant protection from some blasts

Naturally consumed by plants

reducing ripening by 1,5 times, increasing productivity to 30-60%, improving product quality.

It is absolutely harmless to all living organisms, can be combined with any other fertilizer.

On the field and in the closed space for plants cultivation, plant-root fertilizing and leaf fertilizing for all types of garden and agricultural plants, flowers, medicinal herbs and lawn grass.


It promotes the development of root system, strong growth of leaf area and crown, flowers color intensity.

Application rate:

Planter application

0,3÷0,5 g or 200 ml. of solution per plant

Plant-root fertilizing

02÷03 g or 100 ml of solution per plant

Leaf fertilizing

50 ml of solution per plant

Solution rate

for plant-root fertilizing 1/500, for leaf fertilizing 1/2000


Plant-root fertilizing

1 time on 5÷7 days, 3÷4 times

Leaf fertilizing

during the growing season – 5÷7 times

Fertilizing shall be carried out in the morning and in the evening in dry calm weather.

Storage: dry basis – in closed, waterproof spaces (containers), shelf-life and temperature mode are not limited.

Solutions – no more then 3÷5 days at positive temperatures.





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